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What is Kulturhavn365?

Kulturhavn365 (‘CultureHarbour365’) is a three-year development project under the City of Copenhagen. The project runs from 2015-2017 and is supported by Nordea-fonden with 11.5 million DKK.

Our older brother, Kulturhavn Festival, is the biggest annual harbour festival in Denmark and takes place the last weekend of August. The aim of Kulturhavn365 is to provide a gateway to cultural activities in Copenhagen’s Harbour the remainder of the year.

The core task of Kulturhavn365 is to illuminate the untapped potential of the harbour. Given the steady population increase, Copenhagen needs to develop in order to maintain good living in Denmark. The harbour is a vital part of Copenhagen, but large parts of the 42 km quay stretching from Nordhavn to Sydhavn are not used outside the summer season.

Towards the end of the project, we will sail to other Danish waterfront cities and share our experiences. Our goal is to provide inspiration and knowledge on how to develop harbour areas in Denmark as well as abroad.  

How can you join?

We invite you – as an individual, association, or business – to join us in using and developing Copenhagen’s Harbour 365 days a year.

Do you have an innovative idea? We are here to support you with financing as well as guidance. You can apply for up to 25.000 DKK when our Harbour Culture Fund awards grants four times per year. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the realisation of your project, whether or not you have received a grant from our fund.

If you are looking for useful tips from experienced ‘harbour culture creators’, you can also join our network on Facebook. This is a great place to search for creative partners, too.

The harbour has great potential as a recreational urban space all year long – let’s make use of it together!