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The Green Kayak

02 Apr


02.04.2017, 09:00 to 01.10.2017, 17:00
Get a free ride in the Green Kayak and help us clean the harbour.

When trash blows into the water, it is left to itself. Over time, the sun causes plastic that’s floating in the harbour to degrade into tiny pieces called microplastics. 

The Green Kayak is a non-profit initiative that aims to reduce the environment pollution in Copenhagen's Harbour. The Green Kayak is suitable for two people.

You can collect trash in large parts of the harbour, and you will find that the bucket fills up fast. When you are back on land, we will weigh the trash and write it in the Green Kayak folder.

You will also be asked to document your free kayak ride with videos or photos on social media. Use the hashtag #miljøkajakken

If you are a group of more than two people wanting to clean the harbour simultaneously, you can rent additional kayaks from Kayak Republic.

Book a ride in the Green Kayak here: Link to Kayak Republic's website (the site is in Danish). You can also reserve a time by contacting Kayak Republic:

The environment will love you for it.

The Green Kayak is supported by Kulturhavn365.

Address: Børskaj 12, 1221 Copenhagen K (under the bridge Knippelsbro)
Organiser: Kayak Republic
More info: Facebook